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At Texas Tree Ranch we have been growing Purple Empress Trees for 10 years now. We started growing Empress trees for ourselves, but right from the start we had people showing up asking if they could buy one or two trees because they really needed the shade. Every year the sales have escalated and has now become a business. I don’t mind, I love it. Plants are one of my passions and the environmental benefits of the Purple Empress Trees are phenomenal.

Anytime someone can make a positive impact on the environment or on health issues it is a beautiful thing. All the plants and trees that the Texas Tree Ranch sells have health, nutritional and environmental benefits and will make a positive impact in someway and for years to come.

I have been an avid plant enthusiast from a young age. I have worked at nurseries where I learned to propagate and graft plants. I am also very interested in health, nutrition and environmental issues. We will be bringing many unique plants to the region which can provide long term environmental benefits to the area.

The Texas Tree Ranch is The Texas Home of the Fastest Growing Shade Trees In the World. The Purple Empress Tree (Paulownia Elongata) can grow up to 18 ft. a year. It will easily grow to 65 ft tall and 45 ft wide. It is densely covered in large dark green leaves 9 to 10 months out of the year and lavender trumpet shaped flowers for 6 to 8 weeks out of the year.

Texas Tree Ranch Carries plants that are uncommon and unique to the area. We have Goji Berry Plants, which are well known as the most nutritious fruit in the world, used in Asia for over 6000 years for their health and medicinal properties. Goji Berries Bushes are an item I wanted and I found that no-one in Texas was selling them and I bought them online, which did not turn out well. When I finally found high quality Goji Berry Plants I started propagating them and found many people wanted the Goji Berry Plants as well. We have provided detailed information about the Goji Berry Plants on this site.


Thuja Green Giants which are the fastest growing evergreens, growing 3 to 6 feet a year and the Thuja oil has medical benefits as well.


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